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From: Michael Tasner
Buffalo, New York

My name is Michael Tasner and my background is in entrepreneurship and marketing. I started off running a web design company when I was 14, and I named this company, MST Designs (MST stands for Michael Scott Tasner).

That was in1999 when almost no one in his neighborhood could do web designs and a dinosaur PC would cost thousands of dollars.

I knew back then that I could help people build websites if only he had a computer so I went to the public library every day and used one of their computers. 

Since no one knew how to build websites at that time, I had a great advantage. So, I started my own web design business with my parents’ tax lady as my first client.

I know the concept of supply and demand pretty quickly and jumped at every marketing opportunity where I could make money.

I started off with that company, grew it, transitioned it into more of a marketing company, and I renamed it to Taz Solutions. And along the way, I launched seven other businesses from an e-commerce business, a college care package business, a storage business where we would pick your stuff up from college, leave it in storage, and then deliver it back to you before you even walked onto campus.

To consulting and everywhere in between. But I've always had an immense focus when it comes to marketing, and that's really been the root of everything that I've done from copywriting and direct response to Guerrilla Marketing. I had the privilege to run the Guerrilla Marketing Company for four years, be mentored by Jay Levinson.

Aside from the DREAM 100®, my main company is called No Joke Marketing.

I've been helping business owners in nailing down their marketing, nailing down their financials, their systems, their sales, their talent so that they are indispensable, but they're also bulletproof regardless of the economy. 

And I've been learning by doing working with thousands of business owners just like you in the trenches, seeing their struggles,seeing their triumph, seeing what's working, and then jumping in to help fix that is what I'm committed to doing.

So... What's Included In The Dream 100® Vault + Software?
(And How Can You Use It To Grow Your Company!?!)

Over the past twenty years, I've spent tens of thousands of hours working, reading, watching, listening, and learning to figure out exactly what works, what doesn't and how to leverage use leverage. 

^^ that, alone, took me from working 12-14 hours per day, 7 days a week...

...to working when, and ONLY when, I want to. 

  • If your goal is to increase your revenue, there are resources inside for that...
  • ​If you want to improve the quality of customers or clients, there are resources inside for that...
  • ​If you want to write your books in days instead of years, there are resources inside for that...
  • ​If you want you/your team to become a world-class copywriter, there are resources inside for that...
  • ​If you want better than a PhD in marketing and sales...there are resources inside for that...
  • ​If you want your sales team to close more deals...there are resources inside for that...
  • ​​If you want to go all-in on the #1 business growth strategy (Dream 100®), there are resources inside for that...
  • ​There's something, and then some, for everyone! 

I'm literally putting them all together in one bundle for you, and am charging you almost nothing for access to it. 

Sound good? Keep reading. 

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, are a 7, 8, or 9-figure business owner, or anybody in between. 

There's value inside for you. A LOT of it. 

Dream 100® Vault + Software: The Ultimate Package...
For Growing & Optimizing Your Company...

I know something about you that you may never have taken a second to stop and think about...

You're the type of person that doesn't back down in the face of adversity...but you also have to be honest with yourself and know that there are days that you wonder if this whole thing is worth it. 


Know how I know that? 

I'm just like you. 

That, right there, is exactly why I created this offer. 

So YOU can, no matter what problems you're having, enjoy ultimate success

However YOU define that, too. 

The Dream 100® Vault + Software works in every market: 
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Local Small Business
  • ​Info Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Network Marketing
  • B2B
  • Non-Profit
  • ​Agency/Freelancer
  • Blogging/Affiliate
  • And More...!
Whether you're a team of one or have a team of employees, this is the greatest bundle of resources to grow and optimize your business you'll ever find. 
Join The Dream 100® Vault + Software...
Join an elite group of business owners that are leveraging software, tools, resources, information, and community like no place else. 
Like I mentioned before, I'm giving you ALL of my courses, books, tools, resources, programs, AND access to my software for only $197/month. I sell all that, separately, for $49,267.78. You won't find a deal this good anywhere else, period. 
Here's Why The Dream 100® Software
Was Developed...
I've been Dream 100®'ing for decades, have taught others to do it for the last seven years, and here's what I've come to realize...

Pretty much everybody has the same six problems when it comes to Dream 100®'ing, and here's how the Dream 100® Software solves it! 
Problem #1: "It Takes Too Much Time"
  • 5 Minutes Per Day Is The Way: You'll take care of ALL of your Dream 100®'ing in just 5 minutes per day, using our laser-focused, organized, and super-simple features...so you can fast-forward your Dream 100® success in literally minutes!
  • Distraction Destroyer: You'll finally get rid of the distractions (thousands of friends you don't know or care about, 3/4 of the news feed being irrelevant people and ads) and actually get stuff done by leveraging this...so you can actually justify spending time on social media!
  • ​No More Sifting Through Junk: Imagine having a newsfeed of JUST your Dream 100®...and none of the political crap, scammer guru ads, and absolutely mind-numbing engagement questions...now you have it! You'll see JUST the posts and comments of your Dream 100®...so you can finally laser-target your time to exactly who you want to!
Problem #2: "It Can't Be Automated"
  • Keep It A Secret: If you're smart, you'll have a VA use your Dream 100® Software account to like, comment, and engage with your Dream 100® on your behalf...which takes you out of having to do any of it, but still looks exactly as if you are doing it! Don't worry, I won't tell! :)   
  • Real Relationship Results: Some things just aren't meant to be automated, like relationships. Sure, your VA can start the process, but when the time comes for you to order up your next million dollar JV deal, do you think the time you spent building the real relationship was worth it? 
  • It's The Next Best Thing: Can you click a few buttons and type out a few words? You can use your brain + this software to create lucrative Dream 100® relationships in just minutes, so you can cash-in on these relationships forever. 
Problem #3: "It Takes Too Long For An ROI"
  • The Snowball Stockpile: Sure, you can set up some ads and know instantly that they don't work. When you Dream 100®, it may take a bit longer to get your ROI...but, once you do, it just keeps going! With this software, you'll be able to build up your "Dream 100® Stockpile", that you'll be cashing-in on for YEARS...like an out of control snowball piled up with money, headed straight for the bank! 
  • The Victor Is The Big Picture: Think of somebody you know that's narrow-minded and thinks short-term. They don't make the best decisions, do they? The ROI with properly Dream 100® is worth the investment, EVERY time. If it meant sending letters via carrier pigeons to my Dream 100® Targets, I'd do it. Thankfully, this software will take all the hard work out of it and let you build for a big payday. 
Problem #4: "It's Too Hard For Introverts/Shy Folks"
  • Introvert Alert: If you're shy, introverted, or simply just don't know how to approach others...this is literally a dream come true! You'll be able to interact with your Dream 100®, start and grow relationships with them all from the comfort of your keyboard! Imagine never having to "meet" someone in real life for the first time...they'll recognize you from social media! 
  • Absolutely Annihilate The Awkwardness: Imagine never having to have another awkward conversation with somebody, where you're inside your own head trying to think of something to break the ice...without coming across as a weirdo. With this software, you'll never have to break the ice in real life, again! (Hotel bars across the world are going to be furious, but that's okay) 
Problem #5: "I Need To Be Well Connected To Succeed"
  • Instantly In: There are three ways to gain access to your Dream 100®: 1) work your way in (hard and long time), 2) buy your way in (expensive), or 3) use this software to get instant access to them (cheap and fast). Even if you're not "friends" with them (I know, I've sat in the "pending" zone forever with some folks), you can STILL load them up and Dream 100® them with this software! You'll be able to follow, like, comment, and engage with anybody that YOU choose...for very cheap!  
  • Your Own Revenue Rendezvous: I'm pretty much kicking myself right now for personally spending more than $150,000 on masterminds and private meetings with very high-level people. Why? I could have had instant access to them using this software, and gotten (likely) the same result. You're going to be able to have access to (and build relationships with) folks that you otherwise would have to spend literally thousands to get in front of. Think about that. 
Problem #6: "They Won't Know Me"
  • Non-Creepy Contact: Annoying your Dream 100® with cold pm's isn't what we're doing. That's "Spam 100". Instead, we'll be right in front of our Dream 100® in a non-creepy, supportive and awesome way. They won't be able to ignore you and, when the time comes to meet them or reach out, they'll know exactly who you are! Are you seeing the value, yet?
  • Five Degrees Of Separation: Once you start using this software and become more visible to your Dream 100®, you'll start getting what I call "ripple effect" where folks will start noticing and even talking about you! Imagine your Dream 100® coming to you, in addition to you going to them. You're going to be unstoppable! 
Get $49,267.78 In Courses, Books, Tools, & Resources...For Only $197/mo
Join an elite group of business owners that are leveraging software, tools, resources, information, and community like no place else. 
In Case You're Wondering If You Should Join...
"You Absolutely MUST Have This To Create The Deals Of Your Dreams..." - Ray Higdon
"I Wanna Talk About How Amazing This Guy & His Book Are..."- Russell Brunson
"I Don't Remember Ever Reading A Book From Cover To Cover..." - Oliver Schmalholz
"You Got Me Hooked On Actually Using The Dream 100 In My Business..." - Mike Schmidt
Our Products & Resources Have Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
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Bonus #1 - The Award-Winning, 9-Book Book Collection
"Master Marketing, High-Ticket Selling, Copywriting, the Dream 100®, Optimization, And So Much More!"
Others Paid: $8,471.78
You're getting my 9 books that have won multiple awards, sold tens of thousands of copies across 72 countries, and some aren't even for sale! 

"The TRUTH About Business"

  • Clarity For Prosperity: You'll know exactly what to offer, when to offer it, and how to fit it together with all of your products or services...so you can press "go" and watch it create new customers or clients for you! 
  • Skyrocket Your Profit: You'll be able to maximize your profit per customer, while making them LOVE you for it! (There's a dirty little secret on page 55)
  • ​Stop Selling The Thing: Mastermind my strategy to STOP selling the thing, and instead sell the thing "that sells the thing" is going to enable you to sell WAY more...withOUT selling! 
  • No More Cold Prospects: Want to NEVER field another sales call or meeting with a prospect that's cold? Well, your answer is inside! Imagine how you'll feel ONLY talking to warm prospects that you don't have to try to convince...
  • Ditch The Hard Pitch: Don't like awkward, hard pitching? Me neither. You'll be able to sell more by dropping the "pitching" or "sales tactics" and more people will WANT what you're offering them! 
  • Row Downstream & Full Steam: You'll finally be able to streamline your products or services, offers, and business so you're headed in the direction you need to be...all while making more! Plus, you'll take out some of the unnecessary complexity and focus on what drives revenue!

"Dream 100® Book"

  • Unlimited & FREE Is The Way To Be: You'll tap into the ONLY source of unlimited, FREE leads and customers...so you can solve the (good) problem of having TOO MANY leads!  
  • Total Traffic Re-Tooling: You won't ever have to deal with cold traffic or poor leads, again! When I ran Fbook ads to my webinar, it tanked...TWICE! The next time I ran it, with Dream 100® traffic, I made $206,000!!! Same exact webinar! Think that's worth a try? 
  • ​End The Wasted Ad Spend: Ditch the risk of ad spend, the constant changes, and the unpredictability of being at the mercy of ad platforms! You'll have FREE traffic coming in, 24/7, so you can focus on what you do best.  
  • Conversion Correction: Ads not converting? The fix is simple: stop marketing to cold traffic (and bidding against others for their attention). Start leveraging warm and hot Dream 100® traffic! 
  • Control The Black Hole: I've heard many describe ad networks as a "black hole" that money seems to find it's way to disappear into. Ever experienced this? Well, it's time to take back control of the #1 traffic source that's NOT going to be impacted by the next algorithm or tech change! 

"Dream 100® Book: Reloaded!"

  • Look Out For Leads: You'll be able to scale your lead flow quickly, so you never have to worry about the bottle neck of waiting around for leads again!  
  • Overflowing Sales Calendar: You won't ever have to deal with an empty or low sales call calendar, or one filled with unqualified leads! Watch your calendar fill up with warm and hot, qualified leads!  
  • ​Affiliate Growth (Secret Sauce): You'll have a system to recruit more and better affiliates, help them to sell more, and pretty soon have a huge revenue stream! Not too shabby to get FREE customers, is it?  
  • Pulverize The Plateau: Stuck at a revenue plateau? Plow through it quickly by injecting Dream 100® Affiliates as a risk free "sales army"! Almost all of the fastest-growing companies in history have stellar affiliate programs. Success leaves clues.  
  • Be The King Or Queen: One of the most underrated "ripple effects" of Dream 100® is the FREE exposure you get in your market by your Dream 100® talking about you! Heck, you may be reading this because one of my Dream 100® Targets told you about me, right?  

"Conversion Secrets"

  • Tame The 'Messaging Monster': You'll be able to, once and for all, solve the "well, that didn't convert" problem in all your ads, landing pages, sales pages, VSL's, and more...by simply getting the right messaging at the right time! (Page 35 will give you a TON of clarity)  
  • Freedom From Failure Formula: You won't ever scratch your head and wonder what to write, again! Inside is my simple, practical way to craft your copy (following my simple formula), in ANY situation! Imagine knocking out your emails, landing pages, ads, sales pages, VSL's, and everything in between with complete clarity. Careful, use these powers for good! 
  • ​Ditch The Ding-Dongs: I know this may sound harsh, but as a VERY high-level copywriter...I can't help but to be frustrated with how many times I've seen someone pay a copywriter a LOT of money...for them to get NOTHING in return. Well, they got a piece of copy that DIDN'T work. No more, take back control by mastering this skill yourself (quickly) or park a member of your team in front of it!  
  • Copywriting Correction: Are your website or funnel copy lacking in the copy department? No worries, after going through this book, you'll be able to make quick tweaks that show real results! Think about spending an hour going through this, and upgrading your copy. Cha-ching! 
  • The Missing Piece To Upping Your Prices: How would it feel to double your prices so you can either make twice as much...or the same amount with half as many customers or clients? Well, by upping your copy you'll be able to up your prices...so you can enjoy the benefits of being a business owner withOUT the stress of undercharging.  

"High-Ticket Book Secrets"

  • Commodity Crusher: You'll be able to solve the second biggest problem with books: they're a commodity. Pricing your book as high-ticket will instantly give you the positioning of premium in your market, will create intrigue, AND will stop comparisons between your book and others! This will lead to more eyeballs on your book and more buyers!   
  • Easy Margin Maker: You won't ever make no money on your book(s), like 99% of authors! In fact, you'll be able to sell your books at a PROFIT! This is the secret to running ad campaigns and affiliates to your book(s), you have to have margin! 
  • ​They'll Rather Be Dead Than Leave Your Book Unread: You'll solve the biggest problem with books: 90% of them sit on a shelf and never actually get read! The main reason for that is that the buyer simply isn't invested enough into it to prioritize reading it. However, once you start charging what your book is actually worth, they'll be camping out at their mailbox and will devour it immediately! Think that'll be valuable to have your buyers consume your book and get to know/like/trust you, immediately?   
  • Missing Marketing Strategy For Maximum Money: Following my book marketing strategy, you'll be able to get actual book sales and have a proven plan to get your book out to the world! After selling thousands of copies to 72 countries (and counting), withOUT a publisher, follow my easy marketing strategy to get YOUR book out! Even if you're not a marketing expert or haven't sold much, so far...you're going to love this!   

"One Week Author"

  • Say Goodbye To Predatory Publishers: You'll never, ever need a publisher, ghostwriter, or other predatory person to get your books written, following my system! Save yourself the $50,000 and waiting around for 2 years to get your book done...take matters into your own hands and follow my lead!   
  • The 'Don't Write Your Book' Way To Making This Easy: Here's the truth: writing your book isn't hard at all, as long as you don't write it! (This will make sense by page 35). Follow my method and the bulk of your book's content will be completely done within just a few hours! Yes, even if you don't believe me or haven't done anything like this before, I've got you.  
  • ​Clear The Confusion: One of the biggest hurdles to getting your book done is getting your thoughts out of your head and structured into a clean, concise, and orderly way. Good news! You'll simply follow my template and get everything out perfectly...so your book flows and reads exactly how it should.   
  • Bad Book Blocker: If you're afraid that not working with a "professional" may result in a "bad" book, consider this for a second...I've personally written a dozen books, withOUT the guide of even one "expert", and I have thousands of examples of folks LOVING my books. My students whom have followed my lead, are pumping out high-quality, high-value books like crazy!  

"The Golden River"  (The Book Russell Brunson Paid $2,000 for)

  • How To Easily Up & Cross Sell Well, In A Nutshell: You'll never, ever have any issues upselling or cross selling either your or other people's products and services, by following what we lay out in this book! Especially if you don't like being pushy, you'll love this! 
  • Red Ocean Rescue: Ever feel like you've got a ton of competition that make selling harder for you than it should be? We'll take you by the hand and show you how to get out of the overly-saturated market  you're in...so you can see just how easy selling should be!   
  • Blue Ocean Promotion: Getting into your blue ocean is one of the greatest things you can do for your business, which instantly surrounds you with your highest value customers or clients...with NO competition! (Page 65 shows you exactly how)    
  • Marketing. Monetizing. Money-Making.: Let's face it, the most important thing you can do for your business is to become a magnet for making money. Right? Well, even if you don't have a ton of experience in marketing or monetizing, this book will show you the way. Read it.   

"Amazon Listing Optimization Secrets Workbook"

  • Complete Construction Clarity: You'll be able to set up any Amazon or ecommerce listing completely optimized by following my tested-and-perfected format! (That's been ripped off hundreds of thousands of times)
  • Drop The Deadweight: Ever hire a copywriter or use a software to get your copy created for your products? Well, I know as well as anybody that that likely didn't yield an ROI, am I right? Drop the over-priced copywriters and software tools and leverage the #1 resource for optimizing your Amazon and ecommerce listings! It works EVERYWHERE (Amazon, shopify, etc.)  
  • Maximize The Metrics That Matter: Let's face it, to win on Amazon or in ecommerce you need to have: the highest conversion rate possible, the highest product ranking you can, and as many sales you can get. The formula? Inside this book! There's a reason thousands of wise Amazon and ecommerce sellers bought this exact book for $497! You'll see.  

"Amazon Follow-Up Mastery Guide"

  • FREE Customers: You'll be quickly tapping into the easiest way to snag FREE customers, by getting them to come back for more...so you can keep driving forward and make more for every dollar or hour spent on your business! 
  • Stunned By The Lack Of Refunds: Want to obliterate your refund rate? Here's a secret you'll read inside this book; provide post-sale value! Nobody does this, and it's prime for the picking for YOU to virtually eliminate your refunds...so you don't have to even factor that into your monthly reports! Pretty sweet, huh?  
  • Boost Your Lower Selling SKU's: If you've got some SKU's that just aren't moving the way you want them to, this is the perfect solution to cross-sell in just minutes! Your customers will appreciate you for it, and have more opportunities to see, browse, and buy your other products! Win-win for everybody! 
  • Negativity Knockout: Ready to prevent bad seller ratings and negative product reviews BEFORE they happen? Follow my lead as I show you how you can literally prevent this...so you can keep focusing on all the awesome reasons you got into this business, and not have all your hard work taken out overnight because of an unfair rating or review!   
Get This For FREE When You Join The
Dream 100® Vault + Software Today! 
Bonus #2 - The Dream 100® Launch Program
"The Entire 'Tested-And-Perfected' System For
Dream 100®'ing...So You Can Fast-Forward Success"
Others Paid: $15,000
One single Dream 100® deal will make a BIG difference and will have a HUGE impact on your entire business.

The Dream 100® strategy can and should be applied to ANY business

You're getting the same exact program (my private Dream 100® System) that others paid $15,000 for, for FREE with this offer! 

"What's All Inside?"

  • The Secret Weapon On Your Team: Park a team member (or hire a VA) in front of this program, and you'll have all the training, tools, resources, and assets to build and deploy your Dream 100® Affiliate Program! Having a Dream 100® Affiliate manager on your team is one of the most valuable positions you can fill...which will take your business off like a rocket!  
  • Dream 100® Done Quickly: Short on time? Leverage my tested-and-perfected tools, scripts, and fill-in-the-blank assets to get your Dream 100® System built and deployed! You'll be creating lucrative relationships that'll feed you for a lifetime, faster than you thought possible.   
  • Research + Relationships = Results: You or your Dream 100® Manager will leverage the training on WHO the best Dream 100® Targets are, how to research them and get their contact info, and even exactly what to say to build the lucrative relationships! You'll find your schedule becoming full with joint ventures, collaborations, and opportunities!  
  • Dream 100® Automatically To Increase Profits Dramatically: Want to eliminate the manual process and implement a system for Dream 100®'ing? Set your "machine" up following my lead and leveraging my tools, then press "go" and watch what happens! You'll have completely automated Dream 100® Campaigns running withOUT you having to sit there and do anything!(Managed by your team, of course) 
  • Your Affiliate Program Will Become Your Battering Ram: It's time to gain the edge on your competitors, and take as much market share as you deserve...with a high-level, well-executed Affiliate Program! You'll have all the tools you need, including co-branded assets, to successfully deploy an Affiliate Program and start raking-in the cash that affiliates will bring! Even if you've never had affiliates before or you're unsure if this is right for you, you're going to fall in love with it!  
Here are some stories of others whom paid full price for this, click to enlarge: 
Get This For FREE When You Join The
Dream 100® Vault + Software Today! 
Bonus #3 - The Unreleased "Sales Success Center"
"The Simple, Non-Salesy Path To $5,000,000 In Sales"
Others Paid: $15,000
Adding and growing an effective sales team is the fastest way to scale any business, without making major changes.

Unless you're totally happy with your business' revenue right now, you need to go through this training

This is my private, internal sales training used by my company, The Derricks Group, Inc., to turn regular, awesome people into cold-hard closers! 

(Unlike every other sales training out there, this was not created to be sold. Want proof? Look at that crappy logo.)
  • Exposing The Best Method Of Closing: You and your team will be able to close deals without actually closing (crazy, right?). Use my "two-ears-one-mouth" technique to close WAY more deals, WAY faster than any other way possible...and have your customer or client LOVE you for it!  (Even if you don't have a lot of experience closing large deals) 
  • Tremendous Training For Takeoff: Want to, by this time next week, increase your sales? Have anybody on your team, even your customer service folks, watch this training. They'll understand, quickly, that EVERY single interaction is a potential to sell (and serve)...which will result in MORE sales with no additional cost! Try it! Even better? Take any good, hardworking person and park them in front of this training. Watch them become a phenomenal closer! 
  • Win The 1-On-1 With Anyone: You'll instantly improve your 1-on-1 sales conversions by simply following my template for asking the right questions, at the right times, and leading your prospect into selling themselves on why THEY should give YOU money! It'll change your life, trust me. 
  • Don't Let The Logo Fool You: Unlike the "gurus" that create sales trainings that they don't even use, designed simply to make money, this training is going to help you and your team cut through the noise and focus on a proven method that's been directly responsible for more than $5,000,000 in sales. You excited, yet? 
  • Turn The Awkward Rejection Into Profit Injection: Hate hard pitching and awkward rejections? Me, too. Follow my lead to literally never have to "hard pitch" again...and basically guarantee no more rejection! You'll only talk to qualified leads whom you'll know in the first 20 seconds if they'll buy or not...leaving you in full control of the conversation! 
  • Nail The Scale: Park your sales team in front of this training, and watch your company's sales quotas continue to go up...up...and up! There's nothing else out there that's this concise, valuable, and easy to implement into your business for growth.  
Get This For FREE When You Join The
Dream 100® Vault + Software Today! 
Bonus #4 - The Author Challenge + Toolkit
"Leverage My Private Book-Writing System To Get YOUR Books Done In Days Instead Of Years!"
Others Paid: $5,000
I was so tired of the fluff-filled, sloppy books out there that I decided to write my own...

...which led me down a path of revelation. 

Books are bad because publishers are worse

Take my lessons and leverage what I've discovered after writing 12 books to get YOURS written the right way, quickly, and for cheap! 
  • The Secret To Book-Writing Isn't That Exciting: You're going to master my method for getting your books written very quickly, and it's probably a lot easier than you're thinking. Hint: it has nothing to do with writing. It's about SPEAKING. You're going to LOVE this method for getting your book(s) written, as well as virtually any other content! 
  • Perfect Plan For Your Progress: No matter where your book is at, if it's trapped in your head or on a computer screen but all over the place, you'll be able to leverage my easy-to-understand template to get your content exactly where it needs to be...so it flows perfectly and is chronologically perfect! This is where you'll fall in love with your book! 
  • Print & Fulfill Without Getting Mentally Ill: I've personally wasted tens of thousands of dollars of my own money to figure the whole printing and fulfillment thing out. I'll reveal to you the cheapest, best way to get your books printed and fulfilled...period!  
  • Direction For Your Dream Book: Whether you've used a publisher in the past, tried it out on your own, or hired a ghostwriter...and hate what you have, it's time to start over! Leverage my method to create the book you've always dreamt of! This is the easiest, fastest way to get your book done the RIGHT way and out to the world! 
Here are some stories of others whom paid full price for this, click to enlarge: 
Get This For FREE When You Join The
Dream 100® Vault + Software Today! 
Bonus #5 - The Private Copywriting Retreat Recordings
"After Working several years in the trenches...and scouring through countless programs, books, and resources...these are the ONLY tools I use!"
Others Paid: $5,000
I'm going to say it...

...I hate copywriters. 

They're overrated.  

Take my lessons and leverage what I've discovered after working 13 years, in the trenches, and utilize the simple, effective tools I use for ALL my own and clients' campaigns that's made and making many more millions! 
  • Use My System So You Can Resist 'Em: No more paying too much for copywriting! Leverage my simple system to quickly come up with your next promotion and campaign! Every time you launch a campaign following my system, you'll sit back and watch the money roll in.  
  • Train A Team Member: If copywriting isn't your thing...or you simply want to leverage your time and have someone on your team take care of copy for you, park them in front of this! They'll have all the tools, strategy, and system to quickly turn into a very, very profitable member of your team! I've even had folks hire a VA for this position, always an ROI!  
  • Consistently Cash-In: One thing that'll never go away is the need to have promotions and marketing campaigns happening all the time...which is easier said than done. Until now! You'll have all the inspiration, ideas, and system behind crafting all of your marketing campaigns from now until forever! Imagine how much you'll make with new, enticing campaigns running.   
  • Optimize To Win The Prize: You don't have to do anything crazy! Many folks have simply leveraged my copywriting tools and system to maximize their existing offers, funnels, email sequences, websites, campaigns, ads, and more! Taking a few hours to go through this and implement will be worth a LOT to you bottom line.  
"The best copywriter in the world!"
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Bonus #6 - Dream100®Con Recordings & Bonuses
"The Event That Changed Marketing Forever!"
Others Paid: $5,000
If you've ever attended and event and felt "underwhelmed" or as if you were there just to be hard pitched...this even was made just for you

You won't find information, lessons, strategies, and private access to high-level individuals at any other event without paying tens of thousands...

  • Access To A-Level Players: The information and access you'll have to folks that have started from scratch and grown their businesses to 7, 8, and even 9-figures will be directly responsible for getting you through you next step of your journey! You'd have to pay, literally, hundreds of thousands to get in a room this intimately with all of these people. 
  • Designed Like A Mastermind: Sick of events that shove you in a giant room to only get watered down, regurgitated information that you can't do anything with? This event wasn't like a typical one, it was styled like a mastermind...and was highly-vetted to keep the value as high as possible. You'll be filling up your notepad with actionable, move-the-needle stuff!   
  • Not Boring You Won't Be Snoring: One of the biggest downfalls of marketing events is...as you know...they're boring! Not Dream100®Con, there's nothing but high-quality, exciting, actionable content that'll keep you entertained and be well worthy of your time!  
  • Access To Dream 100® Targets: Ever tried to talk to somebody that just got off stage at a giant event? It's nearly impossible. Instead, you're getting premium, private content from A-Level players that you can then use in your Dream 100® strategy to hand-select whom you want to Dream 100® AND have the perfect "ammo" to start the conversation!  
"I came all the way from Australia, 20 hours of travel..."
"I decided to come last minute...I was extremely skeptical"
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Bonus #7 - Ethical Investor Program & Private Club
"Exposing The Fastest, Most Intelligent Way To Grow Your Business...
It's Like A Cheat Code!"
Others Paid: $1,000
The first time I bought a business, I realized it was just like hitting the "fast-forward" button. 

Ever since, I've been acquiring assets and businesses, growing them, then selling them for huge paydays

If you're running a business withOUT acquiring assets or businesses, and then structuring yours to exit...you're doing it wrong

I'll introduce you to my own strategies and tools to find, negotiate, and acquire both assets and businesses to add fuel to your business' growth...plus introduce you to the right people to make sure you're doing everything correctly along the way! 

  • Head-Over-Heels With Smoking Hot Deals: You're going to absolutely love my easy, straightforward method for identifying the types of businesses and assets to acquire! Plus, following my lead will show you how to find the best deals with next to no competition! No bidding wars, no overpriced assets or businesses, just smoking deals. 
  • Simple, Step-By-Step Process (Even For Starters): You'll literally follow my super simple process to know exactly how to acquire assets and businesses, even if you've never done this before! You'll become addicted at how quickly this grows your business!  
  • No Money No Problem: Want to know the secret sauce? You'll be able to make acquisitions and investments withOUT needing any of your own capital to make the deals happen! Yep, you can walk into an already successful business, without having to come out of pocket!   
  • Smart Negotiate = Checkmate: I'll give you the scripts that I've tested and perfected for starting the conversations and even negotiating the perfect deals! It's a lot easier than you may be thinking, and will bring so much value to your business you'll wish you had done this years ago. 
  • Powerful Paydays: Myself and the experts you'll be introduced to will show you how to maximize your exits, where the real money is made! Don't try to do this on your own, one little mistake could literally cost you millions. 
  • Any Market, Any Business: Regardless of what business you're in, this is the fastest path for growth. You'll master exactly how to structure these deals so they're completely win-wins for all involved...that makes getting a "yes" to your deal so simple! 
"From zero to the proud owner of a million dollar company"
Get This For FREE When You Join The
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Bonus #8 - Amazon Listing Optimization Success Center
"Master The Private System That Perfectly Optimizes Any Amazon Or Ecommerce Listing For Maximum Eyeballs & Sales"
Others Paid: $5,000
I was one of the first, and am definitely the best Amazon copywriters on the planet. 

Everybody else charged $500 to re-do the copy for an Amazon listing to optimize it for traffic and sales. 

I charged $10,000. 


I took one client from $50,000/mo on one of his listings, to over $3,000,000/mo on the same listing. No other changes.

Needless to say, this is in high demand

I created this internal course to train other copywriters to do this, so I could grow and scale this arm of my company. (This is not for sale elsewhere) 

Now, I'm focused on the Dream 100® Vault + Software and getting this offer out to the masses, so I'm opening up the keys  to my castle for you


  • Craft Conversion-Capitalizing Copy: Even if you have little to no experience, you'll master my system and formula for crafting conversion-maximizing copy for Amazon (and any ecom). Whether you've got your own business to optimize or are doing this for clients, this is one of the most lucrative skills in the most lucrative niche out there. Cha-ching!  
  • Outsource & Scale While You Enjoy A Cocktail: You can create your own agency by literally hiring a VA to go through this program, then hiring a commissioned salesperson to go sell this to ecommerce businesses. Imagine how easy it'll be to add this into your existing business, withOUT spending hardly any time of your own! Jeeze, I just gave you the farm.   
  • Expand & Capitalize: Have an existing agency and want to expand into this niche? It's easy, the leads have lots of money, and isn't hard to fulfill. I can't think of a better opportunity to capitalize on by adding this into your existing service offering!    
  • Ditch Your Crappy Niche: If you're a copywriter and want to make more money, have better clients, and work less: this is your ticket. I literally created this arm of my business for that exact reason. Get in there and thank me later! 
Get This For FREE When You Join The
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Bonus #9 - Value Ladder Challenge + Tools
"Running Your business Without A Perfect Value Ladder Is Like
Running A Marathon Without A Path Or Finish Line"
Others Paid: $97
I was first introduced to the concept of the "Value Ladder" from a mentor Russell Brunson. 

At one of his private mastermind meetings, I was struck with a vision that hit me like a ton of bricks...

...there's TWO sides to a value ladder, and without filling in both sides, you're doing it wrong. 

I sketched out my thought as best I could in front of the group of multi-millionaires. 

I looked up, and they were applauding

Inside the Value Ladder Challenge, I'll show you exactly how a perfect value ladder looks, and how to fill yours in the right way. This is worth millions to you and your business, over time! 

  • Extreme Clarity For Lots Of Prosperity: You'll follow my simple formula to know exactly what to offer and where to place it on your value ladder (both sides). Don't run your business without doing this perfectly (you'll be years behind where you could otherwise be).   
  • Fill Your Value Ladder The Smart Way: You'll be able to fill up your entire value ladder with other people's products and services, as well as creatively add more of your own without creating a bunch of new work for yourself! Build it right and you'll feed yourself for a lifetime! 
  • Works For The Weird & Wacky: Even if your business is not typical, has corporate red tape, or just doesn't seem like a value ladder is the way to go...it is. You'll instantly build out your value ladder, the right way, and cast a vision for exactly what you should be doing!     
  • Ascension Accomplishment: I'll show you the path to follow to ascend your customers or clients up your value ladder, so you can cash-in on the ultra-lucrative "back end"...where the real money is made!  
Get This For FREE When You Join The
Dream 100® Vault + Software Today! 
Bonus #10 - Dream 100® Challenge
"Master WHO To Dream 100®, WHAT To Say To Them, And
HOW To Cash-In On Your Relationship With Them!"
Others Paid: $297
If you've ever found yourself wondering...

"Who is my Dream 100®?"

or, "I don't know what to say to them..."

or even, "I'm just not sure how to bring up working together to them..."

This is your answer

  • The Who Will Bring The Woo!: Once you have your Dream 100® Targets identified, it's game over! You'll follow my lead for identifying exactly who to target and where to start. Even if you've not successfully Dream 100®'d before, you're going to be creating lasting, valuable relationships in no time!    
  • Not All Traffic Is Equal: Ditch the pain-and-waste-ful paid ads, the agonizingly slow SEO, and 'guessing' with content...and cash-in on the best, longest-lasting, and warmest form of traffic: Dream 100®! You'll never have a shortage of leads and business once your Dream 100® is prescribing you...just be ready to fulfill on all the new buyers! 
  • Gifts & Goodies: Know exactly what to send your Dream 100® Targets without coming across as creepy, and get their attention instantly (in a good way)! You'll have a fast-forward with getting them to know and like you...which leads to cashing-in when the time is right!    
  • Get Them To Reply Even If You're Shy: Follow my simple process for getting your Dream 100® Targets to respond to you (positively), even if you're not outgoing or feel uncomfortable! We'll turn those responses into relationships, and those relationships into win-wins that pay massively!  
Here are some stories of others whom paid full price for this, click to enlarge: 
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Like I mentioned before, this is everything I've ever created and sell for $49,267.78. All I ask is that you use it and become my next success story!

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I know there are lots of folks that try to make you think you're getting a good deal, only to then aggressively upsell you into more and more things.

This isn't that.

There aren't going to be endless "upsells" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...
  • It's my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated subscriber, customer, or both.
  • ​Unlike other "gurus", I've made my money. It's time to let everybody have this. 
  • ​I get more satisfaction hearing your success stories than my own, and when you use the resources, tools, and strategies I'm giving you...I know it'll change your life. 
Time Is Of The Essence...
Here's why...

It's inevitable that after launching, we're going to need more help to support everybody...and I want to keep making this BETTER! 

With that, we'll have to increase the price.   

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.
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  Dream 100® Challenge
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Michael Tasner
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